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Jenna is a wonderful person and doula. I worked with Jenna postpartum and she taught me how to listen to my body, my baby, and my intuition as a mother. She is an advocate for new moms and was integral in giving me the confidence I needed to gracefully transition into this new chapter of my life. Jenna offers sound advice, helpful guidance, and a calm presence during the sensitive postpartum time.  She is nonjudgmental and allows her clients to guide the professional relationship, empowering new moms to ask for help when needed. She made herself available and checked in periodically so that I would never feel alone in the process. I am so utterly grateful for Jenna and her wisdom.

- Elana

Jenna was a great support to me through my preparation for the birth of my daughter. She met with me a few times before the birth and went over different techniques and positions that my partner and I could use to relieve labor pains. We were able to talk about my birth plan and expectations and she gave me a workbook that really helped me solidify what was important to me as I prepared to have my first child. She was very supportive, knowledgeable and helped me work through my fears and hopes so that I knew what to expect and felt confident asking for what I needed.

- Guenevere

While each pregnancy and labor differs - Jenna has provided me with emotional support and knowledge, twice during immensely mental and physically transformative paths to motherhood. During this whirlwind time, she has all the qualities you may be looking for and unable to find in your care provider. She exudes patience, empathy, kindness, truly listens to your concerns and helps you consider options, find solutions and prepare for what lies ahead. She will never make you feel like a question is too small.

- Chrissie

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